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Open Letter to Potential Employers

I would do it for half this. In fact, I’d take a 50% cut in my current salary (which is nowhere near this high) for a job that was fun, creative, challenging, and otherwise stimulating. I had to euthanize my … Continue reading

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A Few Key Posts

For those who feel 2+ years of a blog qualifies as TL;DR. What To Do When You Don’t Fit In Jay Pride Parade Generate Multiple Certificates Using a PDF Template and JavaScript Little Things That Give Me Hope My Future … Continue reading

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Pillar of My Perception

It is quite possible I would have been content or even happy for the last nine years if not for Mike Ilitch and people like him. Like most organizations, Little Caesar’s had various documents like the Founding Principles, Founding Philosophies … Continue reading

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Bad Teacher! Bad!

I’ve started watching Shameless. It now occurs to me that most of my current shows areĀ about families: This Is Us, Speechless. Even my favorite shows that are non-blood-family shows are about workplace families: Newsroom, West Wing, M*A*S*H (LPT: get the … Continue reading

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The Catch-22 Pengiun

I’m not sure if that blue & red penguin meme actually represents catch-22’s, pseudo/non-ironies like the Alanis Morissette song, or simple twists of fate like the Bob Dylan song, but … I think I’ve figured out how to complete my … Continue reading

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Little Things That Give Me Hope

The above quote from JavaScript Jabber was like someone reaching down to help me up after fifty guys beat the crap out of me. For so long, I’ve felt like, “How am I the only one who sees how ridiculously … Continue reading

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Not So Stupid Question

The last couple days I’ve been struggling with functions in jQuery. One of my struggles is using non-anonymous functions. In the examples I’m looking at and in the notes I keep in my handy-dandy notebook, there are no named jQuery … Continue reading

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