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My Future In Data Journalism

Is there a cooler phrase in the English language than “Data Journalism”? I didn’t think so! The hottest thing on my To Do list this very second is Google‘s Data Journalism course. Started the Fundamentals course on April 13, 2018. … Continue reading

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Everything Wrong (and Right) with eLearning in 2017

The night before last, my wife and I were talking about the radical difference in available opportunities between, say, 1990 (when I got out of the Air Force) and now. In 1990, laptops and computers were expensive. Even if you … Continue reading

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SCORM Exchange Excitement

I willingly subscribe to a very small handful of things. One of them is Philip Hutchison‘s updates on his forthcoming book because I couldn’t be more excited about it. I think it’s important and exciting enough to share—the thoughts and … Continue reading

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Rules for Teaching, eLearning, Tutorials

Examples should be real world, relevant, practical. For example, if you’re teaching someone how to visualize data using JavaScript–and using, say, D3 for example, it’s rather useless to only use data that’s embedded right there in the HTML doc or … Continue reading

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Storyline Simulation Scenario with Variables and Javascript

One of the rare projects at my current employer that allow me to use some thought, theory, education, skill, talent, and creativity. I’ve been increasingly beating Articulate Storyline into submission tricking it into looking like something a grownup would use … Continue reading

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The Videographer Who Hates Videos

Another pet peeve of mine (besides poorly designed excuses for “cheat sheets” and people referring to PDFs as “ebooks”) is videos. I don’t mean advertisements. Videos I did not ask for that autoplay and, even worse, those with no stop … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs Killed eLearning

I rant about this frequently both on this blog and in real life. I’m linking to the article below so I have easy access to it when I need to start ranting and want to quote it. Full disclosure: I’ve … Continue reading

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