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I Can Feel the Power

Geeky Iron Maiden data is at the bottom. Learning so much in the Mobile Web Specialist nanodegree. My Dev Tools skills have exploded. For example, I’ve struggled for hours (all together over the course of many days) to figure out … Continue reading

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When Bugs Are Fun

Been making a lot of progress on RockinJS (the lame name I have for the JavaScript version of my little program that uses the Spotify API). I spend a lot of time fixing and changing things but these aren’t the … Continue reading

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423 Errors and I Couldn’t Be Happier

This new JavaScript & jQuery version of my Python¬†project with the Spotify API continues to go well. The fact that I even began writing big chunks of code between tests and those chunks passed those tests is a real confidence … Continue reading

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Jay Pride Parade

I am so freaking proud of this dynamic PDF using templates with dynamic menus and what I’ll call “smart redaction” I just can’t stand it. I feel more creative, powerful, geeky, as well as¬†downright handsome and sexy because of this … Continue reading

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G*dd**n, The Coder

Gosh dangit, I love coding! I love learning, I love making progress, I love making stuff that does stuff! Mr. Swizec took the time to review my code, hack around a bit and submit a Pull Request on my GitHub. … Continue reading

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Debugging with Firebug

Previously: Debugging Isn’t Always Fun After the wasted hours spent thinking I was debugging my code during which it seemed absolutely nothing worked I, eventually, thought I’d just wait until I got home and finally use these Developer Tools and … Continue reading

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