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When Bugs Are Fun

Been making a lot of progress on RockinJS (the lame name I have for the JavaScript version of my little program that uses the Spotify API). I spend a lot of time fixing and changing things but these aren’t the … Continue reading

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423 Errors and I Couldn’t Be Happier

This new JavaScript & jQuery version of my Python¬†project with the Spotify API continues to go well. The fact that I even began writing big chunks of code between tests and those chunks passed those tests is a real confidence … Continue reading

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Jay Pride Parade

I am so freaking proud of this dynamic PDF using templates with dynamic menus and what I’ll call “smart redaction” I just can’t stand it. I feel more creative, powerful, geeky, as well as¬†downright handsome and sexy because of this … Continue reading

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G*dd**n, The Coder

Gosh dangit, I love coding! I love learning, I love making progress, I love making stuff that does stuff! Mr. Swizec took the time to review my code, hack around a bit and submit a Pull Request on my GitHub. … Continue reading

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Debugging with Firebug

Previously: Debugging Isn’t Always Fun After the wasted hours spent thinking I was debugging my code during which it seemed absolutely nothing worked I, eventually, thought I’d just wait until I got home and finally use these Developer Tools and … Continue reading

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