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I Can Feel the Power

Geeky Iron Maiden data is at the bottom. Learning so much in the Mobile Web Specialist nanodegree. My Dev Tools skills have exploded. For example, I’ve struggled for hours (all together over the course of many days) to figure out … Continue reading

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My Train of Thought Down the Internet Rabbit Hole

Stop #1 While reading Twitter, social network analysis and data jouralism by Alessandro Zonin, one of many articles I found this morning during my first visit to LinkedIn‘s Data Journalism group, Stop #2 I clicked a link to an obscure book … Continue reading

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Major Milestone Monday

After lots of hard work, I have D3 not only working with my database but have album art to go with the albums. It took me a while — even after I got the album covers to appear — to … Continue reading

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Data Journalism Roxor My Soxor

I think I’ve decided on my niche and what RoxorSoxor is to be. Now going through Doing Journalism with Data: First Steps, Skills and Tools and the Google News Initiative‘s Fundamentals course while waiting to find out if I am … Continue reading

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My Second Schema

Last time I really worked with results from the 2016 Presidential Election was recorded for posterity in a post from December 2016. Politico never did bother to finish entering complete election results so I’ve been waiting for the FEC to … Continue reading

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Big Toys

I’ve mentioned before that my desire is to make apps that are big—as opposed to small like for phones and tablets. At least as big as a large desktop monitor but, preferably, more like holographic or augmented reality as you see … Continue reading

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Overthrowing Open Gov

No, not even I know what I mean with that title. It was that or “Coding Jihad” (I have even less of an idea what that means but I so desperately want to add “Jihad” to everything because I think … Continue reading

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