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Big Toys

I’ve mentioned before that my desire is to make apps that are big—as opposed to small like for phones and tablets. At least as big as a large desktop monitor but, preferably, more like holographic or augmented reality as you see … Continue reading

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Overthrowing Open Gov

No, not even I know what I mean with that title. It was that or “Coding Jihad” (I have even less of an idea what that means but I so desperately want to add “Jihad” to everything because I think … Continue reading

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Dream Job Identified

First, I have to mention a job I saw on Indeed the other day: Data Analyst for the Tampa Bay Rays. Among the many bulleted job requirements was, “a rudimentary understanding of baseball” as if they knew oodles of nerds … Continue reading

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More Volunteer Work + More Focus

Just started volunteering as a mentor for CoderDojo at my local “clan”. It had been far too long since I felt the rush of teaching. Every time I helped a frustrated kid with their face in their hands and they … Continue reading

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I Have A Dream

Previously: Nolanesque Scatterish X-Y Chart If I wanted this Hillary person to win, it would be for this reason. Actually, I’d be happier with Jill Stein or, even better, Peta Lindsay (not because she’s black–that will be relevant in a moment–but because she’s … Continue reading

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Nolanesque Scatterish X-Y Chart

I don’t have “data” for this, but it’s a conceptual visualization thing I find fascinating in much the same way I enjoy a good “Nolan chart” aka a “political compass” that divides political beliefs into four quadrants: Disclaimer: I know these … Continue reading

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Dominating D3

My world-rockin’ bar chart not only has dynamic labels and dynamic color-coding but all of the dimensions and locations are driven by math and the data array: Width and height of the bars Location of the bars Color of the … Continue reading

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