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Overthrowing Open Gov

No, not even I know what I mean with that title. It was that or “Coding Jihad” (I have even less of an idea what that means but I so desperately want to add “Jihad” to everything because I think … Continue reading

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Dream Job Identified

First, I have to mention a job I saw on Indeed the other day: Data Analyst for the Tampa Bay Rays. Among the many bulleted job requirements was, “a rudimentary understanding of baseball” as if they knew oodles of nerds … Continue reading

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Now That’s Some Good Marketing

My name beneath the words “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” … it’s like the salesman getting you to try on the suit or sit in the car. But how much does it cost? I just yesterday, for the first time, briefly┬áconsidered … Continue reading

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Pile of Pythons

My first focus on Python came from recommendations regarding Web Scraping. One of my first project ideas is based on web scraping which I’d never heard of until asking /r/LearnProgramming (my question was pretty general and vague because I didn’t … Continue reading

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Learning to Use APIs

Just completed a very short but fun and informative Codecademy course, How to Use APIs with JavaScript. Real confidence booster because it was so easy. I first got excited about APIs watching the ridiculously fun video, Learn Python Through Public … Continue reading

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