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Aaargh! Updating Node Part 2

Previously on JotaScript: Updating Node Bootstrap Part 2 TL;DR & Update: As it turns out, I’m always right–even when I’m wrong. 1) It’s always the user’s/coder’s fault and 2) the documentation was missing a crucial comma in the code. Read … Continue reading

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Articulating My Goal(s) and a New Book

Sent an email to Swizec Teller after buying his book, React+d3.js: Build Data Visualizations with React and d3.js. He wrote me back, asking what I was working on and I was able to, IMHO, concisely state what I’m working on and … Continue reading

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Dominating D3

My world-rockin’ bar chart not only has dynamic labels and dynamic color-coding but all of the dimensions and locations are driven by math and the data array: Width and height of the bars Location of the bars Color of the … Continue reading

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First D3 Baby Steps

Here’s my first line of proper D3 code. Fortunately for me, I’m familiar with Object-Oriented Programming OOP concepts so learning this didn’t break my brain. It also helps that Scott Murray‘s explanations and teaching methods in Interactive Data Visualization for the Web are … Continue reading

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