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Choose Your Battles

I was thrilled, at first, when HSN offered to pay me $50/hr. That was at least $15-20/hr more than most of my gigs for the twelve years. It was sold to me as: 20 hours worth of work Four weeks … Continue reading

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Positive Feedback

—It is amazing how refreshing, invigorating, healing, and downright life-changing some kind words can be. I get told often enough at my day job that I do great work but I think a monkey could do my day job so … Continue reading

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Quite Pleased With Myself (QPWM)

I made my original banner image 1140px wide to match the default width of shizzle in my Bootstrap theme. Now Bootstrap was created to be responsive but when I resized the browser, my not very flexible banner image did this: Yuck, … Continue reading

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CSS and/or JavaScript

Increasingly worried that the Processing.js library Khan Academy uses might not be as “real world” as I’d like, I Googled “javascript animation” and found oodles of articles and tutorials. The best were those comparing and contrasting CSS and JavaScript either … Continue reading

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