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Python Is Too Easy

I’d stepped away from my Codecademy course on Python to work on other stuff but I’m back because they’re about to change the content significantly and warned students that their progress would be lost if they didn’t finish the course … Continue reading

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Time for Change = Mixed Emotions

“Time for Change” should have been the easiest exercise in CS50‘s pset1 but it took me several frustrating days during which I said many potty words. I am happy to report I finally just figured it out and it was … Continue reading

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OMG! C is SO easy!

My second C program — written with less effort let alone struggle than perhaps any other bit of I’ve done.

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One Down

Finished my first assignment — to make a program in Scratch. It’s a simple matching game. Scratch made me do things I’ve been taught not to do everywhere else such as violate the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) rule. That was … Continue reading

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