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So it’s not just me?

Whenever I watch TV or a film, I scour the background–especially if there’s a bookshelf or books laying about–because I’m curious about the character, setting, or the whims of the set decorator. Whenever I receive a screenshot or watch a … Continue reading

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Politics Aside

This, I think, is more a killer infographic than political cartoon. I know it’s neither “comic” nor “humor” but I had to tag this post with something—I hate “uncategorized.”

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Imgur Is No Match for My Brains

The pop culture references and wordplay alone in this should, finally, make my comics bigger than Gangnam Style. I mean, I used the phrase, “points of articulation” in what was already a pretty awesome play on words … I am … Continue reading

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Culture Clash

The numbers for my other two strips continue to plummet on imgur so my reputation is also now in the negative and my “notoriety” is “Forever Alone.” I’m still posting all these. Somebody besides me must think these are funny. … Continue reading

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The Metrosexual’s New Clothes

This one is more “difference between men and women” than the first one, despite the first one’s title card. Is “metrosexual” even still a thing? Again, I made these years ago. Y’see, because men don’t care, right? Get it? Oh, … Continue reading

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Mars and Venus in the Bathroom

Because programming isn’t the only way I’m super-creative. These strips are several years old but I’m still unashamedly proud of them. Even way more than my short film. So far, this first one has -3 points on Imgur.

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Thank Goodness for Explain xkcd

Let me just say I’ve only “needed” Explain xkcd a couple times. I love the idea that someone puts in all that work, though, even if nobody ever “needed” it. Today, I needed it not because I didn’t understand the … Continue reading

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