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Open Letter to Potential Employers

I would do it for half this. In fact, I’d take a 50% cut in my current salary (which is nowhere near this high) for a job that was fun, creative, challenging, and otherwise stimulating. I had to euthanize my … Continue reading

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My 5-Month Plan

I will become legendary at my current, silly day job for my gregarious personality and indispensable contributions. No matter how lazy or negative my co-workers, I will encourage them and offer to help make their work lives better so their … Continue reading

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My 5-Year Plan

Jim Carrey once wrote himself a check for $20 million. In five years, I will have helped at least 1 million people get their dream jobs. I’m going to create the fastest-growing, most obviously effective training and coaching program in … Continue reading

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Previously, on Jotascript …

Wow. So much has happened. And yet, in some ways, so little. This morning, while my wife was being a cheerleader as I walked out the door to my stupid day job, she said, among other things, This time next … Continue reading

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Hardest Work in 20 Years

Over the last six months, I’ve worked harder than I have in 20 years–since the last time I dedicated a few years to learning as much as I could and gaining as much experience as I could, often working for … Continue reading

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Detailing My Dreams

I love the app pictured in the image below. I often read advice advising job-seekers to list what they want in a workplace and position including deal-breakers both positive and negative. For much of my career, I felt such lists … Continue reading

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Leaving the Dark Wood

Just read “Why You Must Make Time for Personal Projects” by David Palumbo. I just needed a reminder and, frankly, permission to make myself do fun, creative, challenging, stimulating things. I was already sold long before I read this: Clients … Continue reading

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