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Time for Change = Mixed Emotions

“Time for Change” should have been the easiest exercise in CS50‘s pset1 but it took me several frustrating days during which I said many potty words. I am happy to report I finally just figured it out and it was … Continue reading

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OMG! C is SO easy!

My second C program — written with less effort let alone struggle than perhaps any other bit of I’ve done.

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OMG! My First Program in C!

Behold. I feel really stupid for not knowing C is the most common language for developing Linux apps. I thought it was just a Windows thing. To Do List: Learn difference between C, C#, and C++

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One Down

Finished my first assignment — to make a program in Scratch. It’s a simple matching game. Scratch made me do things I’ve been taught not to do everywhere else such as violate the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) rule. That was … Continue reading

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