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Choose Your Battles

I was thrilled, at first, when HSN offered to pay me $50/hr. That was at least $15-20/hr more than most of my gigs for the twelve years. It was sold to me as: 20 hours worth of work Four weeks … Continue reading

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Quite Pleased With Myself (QPWM)

I made my original banner image 1140px wide to match the default width of shizzle in my Bootstrap theme. Now Bootstrap was created to be responsive but when I resized┬áthe browser, my not very flexible banner image did this: Yuck, … Continue reading

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Pretty Presidents

Not sitting presidents, but presidents sitting pretty. Bathed my presidents in Bootstrap (with some jQuery bathsalts) today and learned more than expected. I started with just a little jQuery to give my form fields focus: I couldn’t stop there and … Continue reading

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Bootstrap Yummy Goodness

Taking the Intro to Bootstrap course at edX. Other than zoning out whenever the instructor talks about Visual Studio which I’m never going to use (I use an iMac and a Linux laptop), I’m really enjoying this course. It’s a … Continue reading

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Bootstrap Part 2

TL;DR Bootstrap doesn’t need to be “installed” or “compiled.” Main Post I started at’s Getting Started and saw this: I braced myself. I’ve been struggling through learning Linux, trying to install stuff and move stuff and configure stuff working … Continue reading

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