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Once Again, My Genius Is Confirmed

I feel vindicated. I wrote The Myth of Multitasking in December 2015 and I’d known¬†multitasking (as it is defined in the traditional workplace) was stupid long before that. Because I’m brilliant. CNBC practically said, “Jay Sprout is the smartest person … Continue reading

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I Just Got Started (Again)

My wife, understandably, gets so frustrated when she asks, hopefully and lovingly, if I’m ready for family time and I say, feeling flabbergasted with a deer-in-the-headlights facial expression, “I just got started.” Seriously, the last few hours was, like, prep-work. … Continue reading

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The Myth of Multitasking

There are two kinds of people who accept and encourage multitasking in workplace culture: Those who are unaware of its negative affects and those who don’t care. If you think the negative affects are negligible or justifiable, that would, in … Continue reading

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I Hate Widows & Orphans

Is it just me, or does DRY come to mind when we look at the image below? If, for no other reason, to improve the appearance. I realize the recruiter–not the candidate–prepared the document, but it still … know what … Continue reading

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