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APIs I Need

There are some sites I would love to beat into submission–eBay and Craigslist, for example. I’ve just this very day fallen in love with but for every record I want to add to my Wantlist, I have to filter … Continue reading

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Again, I know this is no big deal but I’ve never had such an uninterrupted stretch of things working as expected. I don’t mind the unexpected or things not working as long as I don’t spend days and days trying … Continue reading

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I Am An Error-Killing Machine

My hunch about multiple like-named albums was correct. My request for an artist’s albums was grabbing all regions instead of just the US. I’m comfortable using only US releases for my project’s data. I don’t know how that happened because … Continue reading

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423 Errors and I Couldn’t Be Happier

This new JavaScript & jQuery version of my Python¬†project with the Spotify API continues to go well. The fact that I even began writing big chunks of code between tests and those chunks passed those tests is a real confidence … Continue reading

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I Can’t Call It “Sophomore Effort”

… but, dang … I’m so happy right now … at this rate, it’s possible I might be done with this chunk of the app today …

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On a (Rock and) Roll

Have I already used that phrase?

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Swallowing My Pride and Spitting It Out

It’s not much (as a reader pointed out) but I’m quite pleased with every victory and every nugget of new knowledge. Behold, my latest victory: Now I just need to combine it with the last victory and previous victories.

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