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Self-Doubt Pays Off

TIL (Theotherday I Learned) That Word “Group” Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means. Here’s my schema so you can follow what I was trying to do. My database gathers data I collect using the Spotify Web API on the popularity … Continue reading

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From Excel to MySQL Mess

Here are my candidates in Excel: The CSV file in VS Code: My import command and … the mess I can’t figure out (and immediately deleted): WHAT happened? Attempt #2 I surrounded everything with single quotes and … Note it … Continue reading

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Android Desktop App Dev?

Just read there’s a docking station for the Galaxy s8 with which you can use a monitor, keyboard, and mouse for a desktop experience. Hmm … maybe Android app development could be something that would fit in with my future … Continue reading

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Google Scholarship

I’ve been revising my essay questions since I first submitted the application almost a month ago. Tomorrow is the deadline so this is my final draft. I really, really hate “tooting my own horn,” job interviews, etc. but I’m posting … Continue reading

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My Second Cron Job

Nothing like waiting until the last minute. I’ve been getting increasingly frequent “renew your Let’s Encrypt cert” emails but the task kept getting postponed because I didn’t have the command(s) memorized and wanted to create a cron job for it … Continue reading

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My First Cron Job(s)

Learning from this great “Automated Tasks” page at Normally, I prefer stuff like this in a well-written tutorial (see below awesomeness from DigitalOcean) but the above is … wow. Tangent Sidebar: You know what’s kind of irritating? How I … Continue reading

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Filling Empty Cells with Zero in Excel

I had an enormous spreadsheet I’d made by saving a PDF as an Excel workbook and rearranging the data. I needed to get the data into MySQL but there were countless empty cells where candidates received no votes and I … Continue reading

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