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Hunting Developer Jobs

I read a lot of posts and watch a lot of videos in which Those Who Have Gone Before Us regale us with tales of how many jobs for which they applied, how many responses they received, how many interviews … Continue reading

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Further Speeding Up My Laptop

Recently, I switched to Lubuntu and, for the most part, I couldn’t be happier. Before that, I tried speeding up the aging Dell Vostro 1000 by adding more RAM — some people online insisted it was possible — but DV1k … Continue reading

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First Line Graph Using D3

Next step is to show lines for multiple artists. Then, allow user to select which artists. And then, allow user to drag & drop artists for adding. After that, user can remove artists. Perhaps more important to the original goal … Continue reading

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PrezPlayPro Progress

I’ve made so much progress since I last revised my schema in Nov 2017. Most of that progress has been in the last week — two weeks at the very most. The Mobile Web Specialist nanodegree program I’m in as … Continue reading

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Mentor to the Masses

Check it out — I answered my first bona fide StackOverflow question! I’m practically the greatest programmer and teacher in history now. Pretty much.

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I Can Feel the Power

Geeky Iron Maiden data is at the bottom. Learning so much in the Mobile Web Specialist nanodegree. My Dev Tools skills have exploded. For example, I’ve struggled for hours (all together over the course of many days) to figure out … Continue reading

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My Train of Thought Down the Internet Rabbit Hole

Stop #1 While reading Twitter, social network analysis and data jouralism┬áby Alessandro Zonin, one of many articles I found this morning during my first visit to LinkedIn‘s Data Journalism group, Stop #2 I clicked a link to an obscure book … Continue reading

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