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Open Letter to Potential Employers

I would do it for half this. In fact, I’d take a 50% cut in my current salary (which is nowhere near this high) for a job that was fun, creative, challenging, and otherwise stimulating. I had to euthanize my … Continue reading

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Breaking Stuff Is Good

In preparation for integrating what I’ve learned in the Grow With Google Challenge Mobile Web course into my rockin’ app, I did some spring cleaning. Getting rid of all the files with duplicate-ish names like handle_albums2, handle_albums3, handle_albums4, handle_albums_test, and so on. … Continue reading

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Fixing iMac WebCam

I keep meaning to post about anything that breaks and I learn to fix. I do that a lot but nowhere near as often as I learn and fix things. My latest issue was my iMac‘s webcam not working. I’d … Continue reading

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My Future In Data Journalism

Is there a cooler phrase in the English language than “Data Journalism”? I didn’t think so! The hottest thing on my To Do list this very second is Google‘s Data Journalism course. Directly Related links: Google Trends: Powering insightful storytelling … Continue reading

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Procrastinating Is Now A Tradition

I say “tradition” because, if it’s really a “habit,” that makes me very sad. It turns out, My Second Cron Job didn’t do it’s job. I looked at it (after the first few of the new batch of reminder emails) … Continue reading

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Promises for Five-Year-Olds

This is a work in progress … I’m happily going through the Grow with Google Challenge Scholarship: Mobile Web course at Udacity. We use javascript promises throughout which I kinda sorta basically understood the basic concept of. I didn’t completely … Continue reading

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So-Called Newbie Mistakes (We Often Never Stop Making)

I’ll be fleshing this out over time … for right now, it’s just a bulleted list … or maybe a little better … Typos You’re not stupid, you didn’t do anything wrong, you just forgot a semicolon, or a parenths … Continue reading

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