Google Assistant Was Creepy Smart This Morning

This morning, as I listed to the radio, I heard a NPR story about the Ethiopian airline that’s been in the news. I quickly wondered if this was an airline that I heard Craig Ferguson and Bruce Dickinson discuss in one of the best interviews I’ve ever heard in my entire life (from the former’s far-too-shortlived SiriusXM show). I wanted to ask my phone if it was but the part of my brain that stores rock information was temporarily unable to recall Dickinson’s name.

“Okay, Google. Who is Iron Maiden’s lead singer?”

I expected the correct answer, but Google did even better.

“The lead singers of Iron Maiden are Bruce Dickinson, Paul Di’Anno, Blaze Bayley, and others.”

“Okay, Google. What Airline did Bruce Dickinson own?”

After Google told me about Astraeus — a British, not Ethiopian, airline — I wasn’t quite sure how to ask about some African airline he’d had something to do with so I stumbled a bit …

“Okay, Google. What African airline … um … did …” and so on. Google was very intuitive or human or whatever, and knew exactly where I was going and gave me the details about Air Djibouti — which answered my original question: No, Dickinson’s airline/business wasn’t involved.



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