Solving Mysteries with Google Reverse Image Search

Each year, Digital Ocean sends a bunch of stickers with their Hacktoberfest t-shirts. This year, I didn’t recognize one of them:


After a few days tangled up in wondering and unanswered tweets, I remembered Google’s Reverse Image Search which I’d learned about in their Data Journalism Fundamentals course. Check it out–I dropped the image into the search box and …


Twillio. I don’t know what they do or make but I know it’s their logo.

I’ll bet you could totally drop pictures of people in and find them. I’ll bet you could draw something you remember and find it … and I’m so gonna try that. There are a couple books I read as a kid that I can’t remember any real details about but I remember the cover vividly! If I can reproduce, maybe the ReverseImage box can help! Dude … sketch artists and facial recognition!

Wow … The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo would have been a much shorter book if Lisbeth and what’s-his-Millenium had used this. I wonder if it can find individual components and suggest them as … something to focus on … I’ll bet that would be a relatively easy thing to code.

Like … you know how Sherlock and other androids identify things like … dirt on someone’s collar, dry skin or whatever … and those observations become clues? It would be great to evolve some machine learning to automate what poor Deckard did in Blade Runner with that photo … all that zooming and panning before he noticed the scale.

Update: Watched Searching on Thanksgiving evening in which a Dad uses Reverse Image Search to solve an missing person and/or murder case.


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