Color Coded Candidates

In keeping with the easily-recognized “red state” and “blue state” color code, I’ve made — for the most part — the right and right-ish candidates red,centrist-y purple, left-ish candidates blue, and — again, for the most part — socialists green. It was tedious and awful so I’m not “fixing” anything. Deal.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 4.48.21 PM.png

I ran into a couple issues, however. A couple candidates ran under different parties that are definitely not on the same side of the spectrum.

I could be wrong in my interpretation of where a party may fall on my very subjective spectrum like Chris Keniston running as a Socialist Workers Party and Veterans Party candidate — I might just need to read up more about the latter as well as Emidio Soltysik with the Socialist Party USA and U.S. Taxpayers party. I’d say that I may need to research the U.S. Taxpayers party but Darrell Castle ran under them so … I’m thinking they’re pretty conservative.


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