Is Bodhi My Buddy?

After the most recent, and most tragic, re-wipe & install … that … I don’t know why … nothing works … well, the network card works but nothing else … node, which I need … can’t get Firefox Developer Edition to install … I can install Chrome and Chromium but they both crash upon launch … I’m just abandoning Lubuntu … not that I’m bashing them … it was awesome until a random update royally fudged my network card …

So, now, I’m installing Bodhi … why? Because it’s very light, allegedly, and when I tried it on USB, ethernet worked … I’m willing to go through the whole Broadcom dance if other shizzle works … and I really dig the look and feel of Bodhi …

but …

it seems to have frozen during install (after trying it on USB) … god, I can’t wait to have a laptop made in the last few years.

Update: I quit and deselected the update-while-installing options. That “fixed” it.

Crap. Keeping my programs, etc. might mean I still have my broken mess of the node stuff that is installed but doesn’t work.

Updated Update: Okay, just saw a bunch of “couldn’t do this, couldn’t do that, you have held packages” … I’m going to start over and tell it to erase everything.


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