“More Popular Than Jesus” Part Deux

My “all artists” ranker thingy now has album art. When I saw it for the first time, I noticed something. Previously, all the “christian” artists were lumped together at the bottom … of the very bottom 28, only one artist was “secular.”

See also: “More Popular Than Jesus” – John Lennon

I’ve added some artists since then but not enough — I don’t think — to mix them up as much as they are now … I find this sort of thing interesting … which is why I do stuff like this and why I love programming and data and … other nerdy things …


Like last time, DC Talk is the highest if you don’t count Alice Cooper and such. I included several bands above them to give an idea of what’s down there on top of [hey … MxPx is a few higher than DC Talk! I just checked and that’s right where they were at the time of the last post, too … so, I was wrong] all the christian peeps.


Last time, I just noted that amidst a huge chasm was Stryper. There they are. Same place. Just above Venom, Gwar, and Sodom. He he.

For the record, “Ronnie James Dio” the person is not Dio the band. That RJD thing is some solo song … some solo song that is not “Dream On” or any of his Doo-Wop or … oh, note to self … add Elf

Down a few more and we start to see the frequency of the christian peeps spike beginning with King’s X.


Cirith Ungol–stuck amidst the gospel artists–is a new addition to my database. Heaven & Hell, for those who don’t know is not a “christian” band but is what Black Sabbath called themselves for a single album when Sharon “Nobody messes with my husband” Osbourne threatened to beat them up.


Last time, Iggy & James were the only secular artist(s) down this far.


I can’t believe Deitiphobia has a poor, little zero. Fear of the Digital Remix is one of the all time greatest albums EVER. E-V-E-R.

Okay … maybe they didn’t get all mixed up like I thought so maybe this is kind of a waste of a post but, hey, look! I have artist images now!


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