Serendipity and Service Workers

Over the last few days, I’ve been updating an Acrobat JavaScript app (totally awesome dynamic PDF that may be the one thing I’m most proud of) I made for a client and realized I could add use Service Workers in Stakeout — the mobile Web App I started building around and on top of the PDF.

While working on the PDF, I went back to the web app to apply some of what I learned in the Grow With Google Mobile Web course that’s finishing up and happily realized it is a far better candidate to apply everything we learned about IndexedDB than the popRock (personal) project I’ve been trying to force it into as practice. And … AND … Service Workers which I couldn’t even come up with an impractical reason for forcing into popRock. But wait, there’s more …

Not only that but it’s a perfect candidate for learning and experimenting with pouchDB and couchDB — two IndexedDB alternatives a bunch of my fellow GoogleUdacityScholars keep suggesting because, if for no other reason, this app could absolutely completely benefit from being offline first!

The timing of this is super-awesome. For a couple reasons, I hadn’t worked on the web app in about a year and this gave me both the motivation and the tools to jump back on it.


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