“Just in cases” – Aurelia from Love, Actually

I don’t want to go against all the advice in books like The Secret and You Are a Badass but I just answered a post in the Grow With Google Udacity Mobile Web Developer forums about what we’ll do if we don’t get selected to continue on with a nanodegree scholarship. Here are my “backup” plans in some sort of order of priority:

  • Google’s Data Journalism course
  • Data Journalism training/resources I found at ProPublica
  • Continue work on personal project using Spotify Web API – adding D3
  • Return to FreeCodeCamp to resume algorithms and start D3
  • Finish a couple other courses I’ve started at Udacity.
  • My wife’s Christmas present to me was 2-3 courses at Udemy so those are waiting.
  • Use all my new knowledge to rebuild-from-scratch an app I made for a client but could make much better now.

Also, continue After Effects courses at Lynda so I can crank up the quality of the videos and other eLearning I do at my day job until I find … let’s just say, “someplace else.” Some sections of the GWG course were pretty inspiring in this way …



They’re probably not that impressive because the screenshots are still images and taken out of context but I believe — unlike a former employer — it’s a no-brainer that appropriate animation adds a tremendous amount of value to any course especially what are otherwise powerpoint-based page-turners.

I just popped into a course at Khan Academy this morning while checking for something and saw this as well.


In that case, the combination of animation with video probably didn’t actually add much to knowledge transfer but planted some seeds I’ll water and nurture. I do think there’s value in Over-the-Shoulder (or “all around his head”) graphics to enhance a talking head but, in this case, I think it was more eye-candy to keep peoples’ attention and, yes, there’s value in that too. Mostly, it was cool-looking and aesthetically done well so I wanted to remember it by placing it here.


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