Nervous and Excited About Switching

My little linux-powered laptop is chock full o’ stuff I’ve installed and worked on since I I installed Ubuntu on it a couple years ago. I want to switch from Ubuntu/Unity to Lubuntu/LXDE because UU is way, way too slow and I’ve heard LL is way, way fast.

I was using Ubuntu/Cinnamon for a long time but, lately, the udpates have been locking me out of my machine and it takes a few steps in the command line to set things straight. I could just stop updating but … no.

I’m nervous. What will break? Will I lose anything? I’ve already started to back stuff up. Mostly, if not completely, done I think.

When I try Lubuntu via USB drive, I don’t get WiFi. I have a Broadcomm problem. As soon as I figure that out — should be simple now that I’ve found my ethernet cable — I’ll take the leap.

I’m excited because, while learning, I’ve installed bunches of stuff I haven’t used or no longer need — including multiple versions of, you know, Python, Node, PHP, and all that jazz … tons o’ stuff. It’ll be nice to have a light, lean machine.

But, ugh, gotta rebuild the web server, all my private keys, and so on. Fun, though — it’s practice. Relearning it to redo it is good.


One thought on “Nervous and Excited About Switching

  1. you know, ive always been a fan of lxde. speaking very broadly (not just lxde) i sympathise with qualms about gtk3, i loved gtk2 and i think gtk3 is pretty awful, for the user. the connection will become more obvious perhaps.

    im running lxpanel right now, but more than a year ago i tried the qt version of lxde (which i thought was the direction they were going in) and i really wasnt impressed.

    my question (for now, or later when you find out) is– whatever happened with lxde and qt? was that unofficial? is your lxde qt-based, gtk2-based, or something else? (is it nice, whatever it is?) because i havent checked on this for a while, and simply got the idea that– no one knows. that cant be true. i miss lxde, i was just waiting to find out more.


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