Procrastinating Is Now A Tradition

I say “tradition” because, if it’s really a “habit,” that makes me very sad.

It turns out, My Second Cron Job didn’t do it’s job. I looked at it (after the first few of the new batch of reminder emails) but couldn’t figure out why it didn’t work. The tutorial mentioned in that post might just be wrong, I still need to check on that …

… someday.

On the bright side, My First Cron Job has been faithfully gathering data from Spotify. Once I have a little time — this isn’t procrastination, honestly, it’s time management with school, job, wife, kids — I need to write the other scripts to gather not just Artist data but also albums and tracks.

I really, really need to not put off security tasks because at best, somebody’s shizzle is compromised and, at worst, I can’t be a smug, self-righteous prick when others have security issues without being a hypocrite.


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