Time Management & Priorities

Should green squares and StackOverflow reputation be my highest priority?

Sometimes, they are. Not that you can tell by looking at my StackOverflow reputation.

My FreeCodeCamp timeline is completely empty because I started focusing on actual development with personal projects. I haven’t abandoned it. I just haven’t returned for quite a while.


A return to learning (the Grow With Google challenge course), however, has had a similar effect on my GitHub “personal projects” timeline which had become, IMHO, rather respectable.


Having said all of that, I’ve shown great improvement on the timeline only God sees for commits to my wife and children. And I still feel guilty. Like, someday, I’ll have this great job that I say is for my family (what we might call the Walter White Work Ethic) but by the time I get it, they’ll have moved out and I spent all my time preparing to be a good father some day instead of … being a good father. So, while far from perfect, I am mindful of that. I hate how hard it is to tear myself away from work (not my sill day job — real work on stuff like this) to spend time with them. Ugh.

What I do find is that the more time I spend with them the happier I am, the less anxious I am to improve my quality of life, the less I feel compelled to escape my day job, and the less painful that job feels. So, there’s that.

Update: After the initial learning in the GWG course, I started applying that knowledge and …


… while STILL keeping my policy of never saying no twice in a row. What does that mean? I give myself one “I can’t right now, I’m working” but the next time one of my children asks to play — no matter what — I give all of us the gift of playing together.


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