Day #1 of React

Just downloaded the (almost) 300-page 30 Days of React book.


Been meaning to get into React for a long time because it seems to be the hottest thing. A couple things have kept me from diving in with it (see previous posts about another mess of a book). Also, I figured I should/would finish my first couple (what I consider “more basic”) apps in jQuery & PHP and then make React versions.

However, I seem to have hit brick walls in both my “current” apps. Stakeout is having ZIP-archive-generating issues and rockinApp is … I can’t figure out what’s wrong. I need several hours at once to concentrate on and solve the mystery there to get over my latest learning hump.

So, to stay productive and positive while progress is slow on those, I’ll do this new 30 Days of React thing. I’ll let you know if this book/course is better than the last one(s).


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