Two Projects At Once

I’m totally like the Bruce Lee of programmers. Totally kicking two apps’ asses at once.

Stakeout–which may be changing it’s name to Scavenger Hunt–is going well. I’m working with PHP‘s zipArchive function. I’m not the first person to struggle a bit with that so I’m benefiting from centuries of forum discussions about it.

Also making awesome and fun progress with the PHP version of myRockinApp which started off back in the day in Python, then Javascript. It would be a lot cooler if David Bowie, Prince, and Tom Petty had waited to die because I know artists’ deaths affect their popularity and stats. This app needs a new name far more than Stakeout does.

Learning tons of new stuff in PHP because of the latter — translating a lot of the javascript and jQuery functions/methods into PHP’s equivalents is truly awesome.


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