Swimming In Green

Show me the commits! Makin’ it rain with git pushes!

Nobody is cooler than me. Obviously.

Last December I wrote about how I’d been distracted from learning new things. At the time, my little GitHub contributions thingy looked like this:


As of a couple days ago, it looked like this:


I don’t think I did much on the FreeCodeCamp site but, for whatever it’s worth, I did do stuff on Codecademy and have learned a ton — increasingly so — on my own projects … especially with the move to my own VPS.

I have never had so much fun making so many mistakes. Not so much “making mistakes” as “breaking stuff.” Not so much “breaking stuff” as “fixing stuff that gets broken.” I actually, seriously love it when I improve one thing but that breaks other things that were depending on code the old way it was written so I keep finding new stuff to fix and, often, have to learn how those things work at a much deeper level.


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