More than 2GB RAM in Dell Vostro 1000?

My ancient, heavy laptop runs awfully slow sometimes. What’s weird, is I’ve watched Netflix on it just fine, but very often clicking a menu is followed by a long wait. Very long. I rarely use it for such things as streaming video — it’s my ever-present coding machine. The only demands I place on it are text editors so it’s as perplexing as it is frustrating when it hangs.

I found a few threads — one at cnet and another at notebookreview — in which people fought over whether a Dell Vostro 1000 (like my hand-me-down) could handle more than the 2GB o’ RAM the specs say it can.

Those on the “yes it can” side said they’d installed 4GB (as long as it was 667MHz, not 800MHz according to the Dell forums) and it was worth the few dollars they paid despite the fact that the naysayers were all naysaying, “It’ll never work and even if it did the difference would be negligible but there will be no difference because it won’t work and you’re dumb.”

So I ordered me two 667MHz 2GB sticks and could barely contain my excitement as I installed them.


And the laptop wouldn’t wake up.

So I took them out and reinstalled them — completely convinced that they fit better the second time.

And the laptop still wouldn’t wake up.

So I put the dusty, old 1GB sticks back in.

And it woke back up and said, “What the hell, man?”

So that 4GB kit is now wrapped inside a return shipping label on its way back to Amazon.

Just in case anyone else out there wanted to try that, there’s my two cents.


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