E is for Email Part 2

As it turns out, the CentOS 7 Cookbook has oodles of yummy information that Mastering does not including a simple up-front test to see if Postfix is already installed, running, and working. First, you send a local user a message

echo "this is a test" | sendmail username

and check the log to see if it worked:

tail -f /var/log/maillog

but that last command told me maillog doesn’t exist. Google told me, among other things, try restarting syslog. It turns out, that wasn’t even installed!

A quick

yum -y install rsyslog

fixed that …

well, I also …


but I got the stuff described in this


so I did the solutions provided in that and tried again

That didn’t work (see notes) so I uncommented that line and tried this instead (which maybe I should have tried first)


that totally didn’t work so I found and tried this


and now dovecot works so I’ll try the test mail message again

totally worked! So now I’m going to send a message to my gmail account …

KICK-FREAKING-ASS! It worked! It went into my spam folder but it worked! And most of these tutes and such include stuff so your messages don’t go to spam and you don’t get blacklisted so I am on my way!


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