End of Old Host

I downloaded everything and backed it up then canceled my old host account (though they’re still the registrar for a domain I’ll never use again — famous last words I’ve uttered many times before losing a domain I later wanted back).

Then I realized, “Oh, crappy crap! I still haven’t set up the databases at my new host–nay, I’ve not even installed MySQL!” It certainly would have been useful to have the old PHPMyAdmin up on one monitor while creating the new ones on the new server. BUT, as with all things in this project and learning experience, it’ll be fun to do it from scratch and keep building up the muscle memory cells.

It’ll probably end up resulting in multiple improvements.

I also canceled my paid GitHub thingy. I was going through one of those paranoid periods that I think most, if not all, creatives go through — “Someone is going to steal my idea(s)!” but, now, my Stakeout repo is public again.

And, between cancelling these two, I’m $10-15/month richer!


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