CentOS Does Things Differently

BTW, FYI, all of these new posts are living documents as I learn. Do not assume they are complete or comprehensive.

Thing #1

CWP (or, CentOS Web Panel) is a free alternative to, for example, cPanel. It looks very nice. I’m waiting to install and try it because I want to learn all the command line methods for doing all of this. My new host telling me that I must do everything via command line and do it myself when neither is true most significantly when something absolutely had to be done using the SolusVM and/or they say they won’t do something/anything and they do crap without telling me that overrides something I’ve already done means I have to be able to find do and fix things with no other tools or assistance. Also, it means I can follow and understand all those MySQL tutes that do everything via command line.

My wife says I should pay someone to take care of all this frustrating and confusing stuff that is slowing me down but, I tell her, then I’m not learning and I’m learning and doing all of this so that, someday, I can get a real job and paying someone else doesn’t meet that need.

Thing #2

CentOS uses yum not apt-get. And those two, so far, seem to work very differently.

Thing #3

Matt S, the world’s greatest (well, if not the world’s, definitely A2Hosting‘s greatest) tech support angel says Ubuntu is easier to use. I, however, must use it because the little library/script thing that is crucial to my web app needs CentOS.


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