You Can’t Trust Anybody

I’ve mentioned before that whenever I get frustrated while learning something, I should remind myself that whoever wrote the tutorial or book might be incorrect — I shouldn’t always assume it’s me because I’m a relative newbie.

I can’t tell you how many times in the last few days customer support has told me something completely inaccurate.

My little VPS runs on CentOS 7. The instructions given to me (that I documented in a previous post) were for a much older version. Instead of editing /etc/sysconfig/network I should have (and just did) edit /etc/hostname.

Still can’t get it to remember the change after rebooting, however.*

*Update: This was due to the support orcs not doing what they said they needed to do on their end and giving me (first) incorrect instructions and (then) incomplete instructions for what I needed to do on my end.


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