The Big Empty

Further VPS Adventures

Okay, I can finally (there were some issues) log in via ssh and access my shizzle via ftp.

First things would normally be install my webserver, MySQL, and php as well as configure all of those with no cPanel help. I’m excited.

It’s just a big empty computer with an empty root …

Speaking of … I thought “root” directory meant the biggest, outermost directory with everything else in it … so I’m already confused when I thought I knew where I was and what I was doing.

Anyhow …

But first thing for me now is editing a file to fix my domain issue (long story you don’t need to know because nobody but me will ever be in this situation). Instructions in the support ticket said to do this via nano but nano scares me so I’m downloading it via ftp, editing it locally, then uploading it, and … hoping it works. I think something I read or did in the past says you sometimes maybe can’t do that.


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