Diving Into VPS

I thought a Virtual Private Server (VPS) was just like a shared plan except it comes with nothing but I can put in anything I want. As it turns out, it’s not so simple.

My first foray last Friday night was so overwhelming and frustrating, I canceled my plan just a couple hours after getting it. Totally discouraged. Bummed.

Part of it was my own ignorance. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, as they say. But it was also a significant chunk of their fault. This host — we’ll discuss that later — has an unbeatable reputation and my previous experience with them was impressive to the max. Friday night — my first time getting support as a paid customer — sucked hardcore.

Refusing to be deterred, I kept researching over the weekend and found tons of resources for the newbie True Administrator. True Back End. No cPanel, not software, just … building a software fire with only a rock and some twigs. Here are the resources I’ve found that I’m about to start absorbing like a sponge. I’ll document everything I do so that anyone finding this isn’t as deer-in-the-headlights as I was.

In subsequent posts, I’ll explain what all these are and such. At present, this is just my list o’ links all in one place.

Free DNS Service

DNS Management: Record Types and When To Use Them

DNS Management: Zones, Record Types, and Record Composition

A2hosting How to configure a domain for a semi-managed product

A2hosting How to configure custom name servers

A2hosting Configuring domain settings

A2hosting VPS Quick Start Guide

3 Free Control Panels for VPS Administration

A2hosting How to access and use Webuzo on a semi-managed server

A2hosting Getting Started Guide: Accessing Your Account

How To Log In To Your VPS

A2 Hosting Ubuntu Virtual Private Server Guide

A2hosting: Ubuntu Virtual Private Server (VPS) Setup

Basic Virtual Private Server Administration

VPS Administration for the Absolute Beginner

Ubuntu VPS Step-By-Step Configuration Notes

VPS – Technical FAQ, Additional Services and Definitions

VPS Tutorial


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