Or Maybe Back to Python?

Geez … with a new pile of PHP library books and my brain soaking up new PHP and MySQL knowledge like it’s a roll of Bounty paper towels, I’m now so excited that one of my all-time favorite products, SeaMonkey, needs tons of help including Python. But, they also need JavaScript, CSS, graphics (including fun stuff like SVG) and other stuff I’m more experienced with so … either way, I can get involved — deeply — and that makes me happy.

Also, the app gets more amazing every day.


3 thoughts on “Or Maybe Back to Python?

  1. fellow seamonkey and python fan here. was not aware that python had anything to do with seamonkey. a search leads me to think perhaps it is only used in building it, though thats not very deep research.

    do tell, please do tell more.

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    1. That’s all I know about it as well having read that on their blog. I’ve only just begun to chat with them about contributing. There are several places to read about making contributions of different kinds and they’re not easy to find (I only stumbled over their blog by accident) but I’ll make a list of what I’ve found and post it soon.

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