Choosing a Specialty

Okay, I’m choosing PHP which I know isn’t hot or sexy but I have a few reasons.

  • It’s always been easy to understand
  • It’s always been easy to write
  • Learning new things has been easy
  • I’ve made more progress with it than JavaScript and Python
  • Unlike the JavaScript ecosystem, I don’t have to learn ten trillion new things to complete the smallest task
  • Unlike Python and Angular, for example, upgrading to the latest hasn’t made me want to cry and punch myself in the face
  • OH MY GOSH, these two:
  • Great books and authors are easy to spot & find and they age well
  • Active local PHP Meetup
  • That active local PHP Meetup is hosted by SourceToad — the company what’s gonna hire me and I will hug them and pet them and call them George.
    • Subhead/Sidebar: Their clients and projects make my mouth water and, as Meat Loaf would say, well … let’s keep this family friendly.
  • Not only is the web app I’m making primarily PHP but the coolest features/scripts I haven’t even started on are based on it.

So, once the current project is completed or in a state of rest, I’ll go back to the Spotify thing and try it in PHP (first it was Python, then JavaScript — learned a lot using both but never got it to the finish line).


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