Well, Fudge

After spending a good part of the weekend with my 12-year-old daughter (who loves baking and making truffles) beginning work on a new app for Amazon‘s Alexa to assist cooks with their inventory, shopping, and cooking, I was excited and optimistic not only about the app but the quality time with my daughter — we already spend time cooking and learning to code. This morning, I was most interested in a new article on Forbes — An Honest Review of Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa by Jay McGregor.

Until I saw that piece of shizzle write this:

“the kitchen aide that I assumed Home would be is less sous chef and more trainee irritant … What would be helpful is if it automatically added said ingredients to your shopping list.”

Thanks, douchebag, for inspiring countless others to become our instant competition. Competition without the constraints of “Father/daughter who can dev when they’re done with school, work, other family activities, homework, etc.”

Two thoughts:

  • If I see McGregor on the street, he’s getting punched in the face
  • Now, we’ll be extra motivated to make sure ours is not only awesome but vastly superior to all those coming before us because I’ll be damned if I’m giving up on this idea and crushing my daughter’s (or my) entrepreneurial and creative spirit.

Normally, I would be loathe to write about such a project here, but since this pile of putrid penises already told the world what a great idea it would be, I may as well.


3 thoughts on “Well, Fudge

  1. theres not much point being so bitter about this– he wasnt talking about your app, he was talking about an already mainstream one.

    you still have opportunities to teach your daughter (thank you for sharing coding with her) how to make an app, how to try to compete, and how to deal with unforeseen challenges… gracefully. believe me i understand your frustration, but this was far from personal and theres no point in making it so. keep being a dad; its far more important than this app. and you have more opportunities to teach and be a great dad than you did before this happened. all the best.

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    1. While you are absolutely correct, you misunderstood what I was saying (or, I really suck as a writer and didn’t say it clearly enough). I didn’t think the author was talking about my app — I was upset that my brilliant idea (an app that, among other things, “automatically adds ingredients to your shopping list”) was now in the heads of countless other developers. Where we could have been the first and then continually improved, laughing while others tried to catch up with us and compete, now we have to catch up with and prove our superiority over those who will go to market (no pun intended) ahead of us.

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