How to Make a Web Site & App


The only thing worse than a poorly written tutorial is one that inserts libraries, languages, products, plug-ins, etc. that you don’t really need. When you’re learning, you just want to know what’s required. That’s this series. We’ll start simple, I’ll explain things as we go along, and later — when it’s working — we’ll start to add things. Is security important? Yes. Can it wait a few minutes so you can learn one thing at a time? Yes.

Should you learn React and Angular? Sure. Do you need to learn it right now? No. Will those be easier once you learn the basics? Absolutely.

In this series:

  1. Getting a host
  2. Introduction to Administering a Website
  3. Building the site locally
  4. Uploading your files
  5. HTML
  6. CSS
  7. JavaScript
  8. MySQL
  9. PHP

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