Learning to Code

Found this on reddit under the heading, “every time I try out Linux.”


That was certainly true for me the first couple times but it’s been easy and heavenly this third time for the last couple years.

Having said that, the above is exactly how I’ve often felt trying to learn web & app development.


One thought on “Learning to Code

  1. a marvelous video tribute to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/There's_a_Hole_in_My_Bucket

    i can appreciate the metaphor, but theyre forgetting that light bulb has probably worked reliably for most of several decades, without replacement.

    the windows solution is to buy a whole new house.

    the apple solution is to replace it with a motorhome that converts into a spaceship, but when you open it up you realize its all honda civic parts in a spaceship “kit.” next year they will try to sell you a volkswagon beetle with a flux capacitor– which admittedly is very cool, but its only good for a year– and all you needed was to change a freaking lightbulb.

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