Dream Journal #1-2

Binge-watched Big Love over the weekend resulting in a dream where I was making out with Nicki in our car when a pack of werewolves attacked the car. I woke up before learning our fate.

Tuesday (last night):
I was a prospect in the Sons of Anarchy MC. Wherever we went, my ex-wife (to whom I was married for approximately one year as a teenager thirty years ago) was there. Not stalking me — just coincidentally doing something nearby. I kept thinking she was going to make fun of me for being in the MC.

We (SAMCRO) kept trying to leave on a ride but, each time, somebody had to run back inside for something. Not for guns or anything but, like, to pee or grab something to eat. By the time they’d get back outside, somebody else had run in because they obviously had a second.

Eventually, I was hanging out with Joan Jett. Normally, when Joan Jett is in my dream, we’re totally a couple but, in this dream, she was totally the rock star and I was totally just a fanboy. I started talking about how much I loved her voice and that adorable accent she has even when singing and she totally blushed.

I made Joan Jett blush.


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