Close To Wit’s End

I should know better than to try editing/testing code on this particular computer/network. Stuff that works anywhere else doesn’t work here. So, it might be that.

But this new script is so simple.

But, if it works, then I make a change and that doesn’t work so I undo the change … then the previous working thing doesn’t work anymore.

I never know what’s really working and what isn’t.

This happens ALL the time. It will work fine … then it won’t.

Then I questioned whether it ever functioned correctly so maybe I’ve been basing my recent work on incorrect information so I have NO F**KING idea what I’m doing!

How can I f**king learn if I never know what actually works and what doesn’t? What was actually working or  not?


Update: I did a “Save As” to change the js filename from 02 to 03, updated that in the html, then when 03 didn’t work … I, um … didn’t change the reference in the HTML file back to 02 … and, that’s … um … Windows sucks!


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