Is WordPress Trying to Suck?

I’m not one to complain, say, whenever something about Facebook changes. It’s free and we, the users, are not their customers — we’re the vendors who pay them with our data so we can use their free service and they can then sell our data.

On the other hand, I do feel like I’m a WordPress customer although I couldn’t really justify why I think that. Regardless, WordPress has become continually crappier over time. One frustrating, sometimes infuriating, change at a time I’ve grown to hate using it for blogging almost as much as dealing with it when potential clients ask me to help them with web design/dev and then, AFTER I agree, reveal they use WordPress instead of having an actual website.


3 thoughts on “Is WordPress Trying to Suck?

  1. every time their servers go down, something gets out of sync. for at least a week now, (and this is the second time this has happened– it can go on for weeks before they re-sync) my notifications are 5-12 hours late.

    someone leaves me a like, comment or something else, and i get the little orange dot to tell me about it– then i click on the bell and– nothing. no notification. then i go check EVERYTHING ive commented or posted, and maybe i find a reply or a like (or that i have another subscriber.) but i finally get the notifications the next day sometimes.

    considering that by design (and normally) its in realtime, this is just sad!

    and theyre not too quick to fix it. this isnt a 24-hour glitch, boy would that be nice. what should i do to fix it? heh… i dont like any other platform more (i hate them to be honest) though it sure would be nice if this wasnt the SECOND time in a year wordpress has screwed up this way. i blogged about it last time. at least i know it will probably be fixed in the next few weeks 😐


  2. I totally wouldn’t care if it were good features that were glitch or broken. What I care about is taking tools that were good and taking them away. Or, as is more often the case, making perfectly good features suck or difficult to use. My “favorite” thing WordPress does is have completely different interfaces and features on Windows vs Mac. Why in the name of all that is holy, does a WEB-based app look and feel completely different between operating systems?

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  3. because people actually forget that the best thing about a web app is that it doesnt feel completely different between operating systems.

    honestly imo. the two should never (overly) emulate each other. apps like apps, and web stuff like web stuff. thats ideal, but sometimes (about 5 out of 100 times) the crossovers are good. people never learn from the other 95.

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