Holy Crap. Am I in the Overlook Maze?

It’s been so long since I switched this project from Python to JavaScript, I’d forgotten why.

On Oct 24, 2016 — over three months ago — I gave up on doing it in Python because–wait for it–I couldn’t get the Track Popularity to work!

I wanted to … have a list of albums showing their popularity and the songs showing their popularity but, for some reason, I can’t get my Python code to get the track objects containing the track popularity. I can do it if that function is it’s own thing but as soon as I make it part of a loop it won’t work anymore.

The exact same problem, as it turns out, that I’m having with JavaScript!

That tells me something … and I wish I knew what that something was.

[insert vulgar exclamation here]

I thought what was an elusive bug in Python, because of my inexperience, would be obvious and easy in JavaScript.

Ugh! What am I missing?!

Maybe I should rethink how and why I’m doing this … is there an easier better way? Even if there is, I want to solve this problem! I have to. There has GOT to be a way to do this. I simply can’t believe that isn’t true.

Update: Okay, I’ve identified the actual last working script, which isn’t the one(s) I’ve been trying to “fix.” It wasn’t v4 or v5 of either … nevermind … it’s pseudo_10d (github). Maybe those others were based on it at some point — I honestly can’t remember.

But it only logs everything to the console. It works, but it’s just logs. My goal is to get it all into a neat little object. The reason for that is I think that’s the easiest and best way to then put all this data into my MySQL database. Is that the easiest and best way? Here’s the deal … here’s what I’m doing …

  1. Get json from Spotify
    • Artist Info
    • Artist’s Albums
    • Several Albums
    • Several Tracks
  2. Get data from those json requests and organize it in a javascript object that looks like the json spotify sends (but I have to make at least two “several album” requests and multiple “several tracks” requests to get each piece of data I want because some requests get small album or track objects which I then use to request large album or track objects … if spotify included popularity in the default small album and track objects NONE of this would be an issue and I’d have been done months ago).
  3. Put that data into a database

What I’m wondering is if I need to have three steps … maybe I don’t have to store and organize any of it in an object … maybe I can just shove it straight into the database. I’m sure that’s possible … certainly not elegant … and, after I initially build all the tables for artists, albums, and tracks, I don’t need to worry about it, but … dammit, I want this tiny little problem solved before I move forward with those other ideas.

TL;DR even if it is possible to do this more easily, I want to solve this problem.

Now I’m wrestling with … do I start trying to make 10d build the object? Or did I already do that and that’s how I made the messes I’ve been drowning in?

Wait, yeah … okay … here’s my hesitation … all along … and maybe it’s unfounded … I can only base decisions on what I know … perhaps I should have tried what I’m about to say a long time ago …

I keep being, I think, too judgmental and hard on myself about my code … it’s not elegant enough … other’s will say, “What the f**k did you do it THIS way for?” and then laugh me out of the building back into the newbie ghetto.

Screw it. I need it to work. I’m sure that’s what they at real jobs, right? I just have this idealized image of how people work and think at “real jobs.” I’m so used to working with lazy, apathetic … I don’t want to be seen like that … as someone who says/thinks “this is good enough” and doesn’t strive for excellence and awesomeness. When I finally get a coding interview, I want them to say, “Holy f**k! We’d better grab this guy before somebody else does!” instead of … making me feel stupid for even trying.


One thought on “Holy Crap. Am I in the Overlook Maze?

  1. oh, youre using objects!

    id just use an array. i do everything in arrays. ive always used arrays. theres probably a better way, and if it works, thats good too 🙂

    im not entirely against objects. theyre overcomplicated, sometimes its like killing a fly by running it over with a truck, but hey it works. and when you need it– well, its there!

    except when the fly gets away… then i would say use a fly-swatter. but theyre not very stylish, i guess 😐

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