The Catch-22 Pengiun

I’m not sure if that blue & red penguin meme actually represents catch-22’s, pseudo/non-ironies like the Alanis Morissette song, or simple twists of fate like the Bob Dylan song, but … I think I’ve figured out how to complete my artist object, putting the final piece(s) in — the tracks for each album — which is cool and all but it makes me sad. It means one of the functions I’m proudest of needs to, at the very least, significantly change if not be deleted altogether.

For the curious & interested, here’s the relevant file (lines 167-181) in my rockin’ repo. I’ve added a link to my GitHub profile under the I, Elsewhere links category on the right.

This reminds me: I never finished Catch-22.

You know what I love? Among other things, being able to check out library books on my Kindle Fire. It might not be a proper Android tablet, but I love it.


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