Creating and Updating Are Different

I think I’m realizing–if I’m correct–that creating and populating the database and tables are a completely different process from updating the appropriate tables after.

This, I think, simplifies things while meaning a bit more work upfront.

It would take more time to automate this upfront work, perhaps, than it would take to do it manually. I often find myself having to accept the fact that it’s wiser to do it the less cool way because it might be a better use of my time.

If I remembered that more often, I might have learned at a faster pace so far.

Update: Ugh. This whole foreign key thing …

Shout Out: I just want to say thank for people willing to help and answer questions. Thanks to the fine folks at Spotify, Larry, and this condeinfig guy. The worst part about self-teaching is you don’t know when you might just be correct about something. I don’t mind making mistakes. I mind wasting my time because I just didn’t know something was wrong.


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