That New Knowledge Smell

You know that feeling on the first day of a class you’ve been anticipating for weeks or months? I feel like that now, except I didn’t know it was coming.

While mentally designing the database for my RockinJS app, I realized I didn’t quite know how to do something — especially so if I used MEAN instead of simple PHP and MySQL but even if I did use “just” PHP and MySQL.

Normally, it irritates me to death when things that don’t need names (or, ugh, acronyms) are given them. In the last couple days, however, I learned what, exactly, a database schema is and that “database design” is called modeling and have started reading tons on the subject in books both MEAN and PHP/MySQL.

Yes, database schema and modeling are making me all twitterpated with butterflies in my geeky little belly.

I’ve also found what appear to be three very promising online resources:

I also found a StackOverflow post on Storing Historical Data.

Most of the pages I find are about doing things in the opposite order of what I want. They’re all about reading JSON from MySQL using JavaScript and PHP. I want to read and manipulate the JSON with JavaScript & jQuery (that part’s done) and then feed that info into MySQL. Do I need PHP for that or can I continue with just JavaScript?


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