When Bugs Are Fun

Been making a lot of progress on RockinJS (the lame name I have for the JavaScript version of my little program that uses the Spotify API). I spend a lot of time fixing and changing things but these aren’t the enraging or even frustrating problems that don’t result in learning experiences — these have all been awesome learning experiences. Not only am I learning from the mistakes but learning new ways to test and debug.

Tons of fun.

The console is my best friend. I said that months ago about the JavaScript Console in Acrobat but now I mean the console in either Internet Explorer‘s (hey, sometimes it’s all I have), FireFox‘s or Chrome‘s Dev Tools. Oh, wait, there is something frustrating — bear witness to the word-wrapping in Chrome’s console.


If Firefox for Mac can do that, I haven’t been able to find it. Sure, I could and do use Chrome for Mac but look at how much prettier Firefox Developer Edition‘s console (left) is otherwise:


Firefox Developer Edition’s console (left) is much prettier than even Firefox for the Common People’s. Also note how beautiful Atom is. I know I could configure the color theme in Dreamweaver and/or SublimeText but who has the time?

My bugs are, so far, related to loops — a line or two that should or should not be inside a loop — so I’m using the console to find out where and when things are happening. I also draw a lot and am surrounded by mountains of crumpled up paper. I wish I had a whiteboard at home. I wish I could study at work where I have multiple giant monitors and a big whiteboard right next to my desk.

Sometimes the “when” is hard to identify because, for me, the order things appear in the console is, sometimes, odd to me. I have a hunch that’s because things are asynchronous and results of faster tasks appear before and between results of slower tasks.

I think my only remaining “bug” at this moment is that tracks for 19 of the 37 albums are returned twice (the 19 items in the first array in my array of arrays in the image above). I’m depending on the console for this because whenever I’ve worked through the code in my head 99% or I’ve drawn it out to a conclusion and I think I’ve solved it, someone or something interrupts me and the thoughts poof away.

When I have a moment to just play, not only will I config the color themes in all my text editors (I’d exclusively use Atom for Linux on my laptop if it didn’t keep freezing and/or crashing) but check out the dev tools in all my other browsers. I’d also like to synchronize all the indenting in all my text editors across the computers I use — I’m pretty sure you can do that.

Speaking of Dev Tools … has anyone reading this watched the video series on Dev Tools in Free Code Camp? Is that girl drunk in those videos? And, is it just me, or does she appear to be fumbling around a bit (and not in a drunk way)? Her other videos aren’t like that so I was a bit perplexed.


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