Uninstalling GoodReads

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Connecting my Amazon account to the Goodreads app appears to do absolutely nothing. Well, it gives Amazon access to my data, but it does nothing for me.

I happily killed a lot of time the other day waiting in line at a pharmacy, Kindle in hand. I used the Goodreads app (I thought) to select all the books I’d purchased from Amazon to Goodreads, rate them, etc.

As I read my books each day, (I thought) I knew that my Kindle was updating my progress on Goodreads. Today, because I’m a nerd, I logged into GoodReads.com so I could see what others see when they’re stalking my reading habits.

First thing the site did was ask if I wanted to add and rate all the books I’d ever bought from Amazon — which I’d already done a few days ago. Interestingly, the first book I bought after receiving my Kindle–the I’ve been reading the most–didn’t appear in the list. So I used the little search box to find the title and it appeared as already having been read. So, Goodreads sneakily knew I’d purchased it without my permission yet has no idea that I’ve been reading it.

TL;DR … the app doesn’t work and I’ll uninstall it.

So, no data for you, Amazon. Well, except for all the other data that you get from my Kindle and Prime … so, yeah, I guess you still win. I’m sure that my pouting sends negative vibes your way–take that.

Update: You can’t uninstall it because it’s fascist bloatware, but I unlinked it and won’t use it. And I went to Amazon.com and stuck out my tongue.


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