Souring Apples

It seems I’m not the only longtime Apple fanatic increasingly disappointed with their products. Jeff Geerling, a developer who “dabbles in photo and video work,” wrote I Returned My 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. A decision I made last night illustrated to me just how fast and how far I’m moving from Apple.

Background: My wife and kids destroy all technology they touch either physically breaking devices and accessories or filling them to capacity with every virus the Internet has to offer.

Last night, my wife needed to install something for work so she could remote to her job’s remote nonsense and asked me if she could use either my 2013 iMac or my ten-year-old Dell Vostro 1000. I depend far too much on the Vostro so I let her use the Mac.

Seriously, if, after spilling a pitcher of Hawaiian Punch on my desk I had to decide in slow motion which computer to save … wait, that doesn’t work … only the iMac’s base would get wet and sticky … well, you know what I mean … I’d save the laptop.


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